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"Soundwave’s legendary international tour changed history, sold millions of albums, and leveled most of Kalis. Prove you survived the tour."

Look at this design.  Don’t you want this concert tour tee action on your hot bod?  I know I sure do (want it on your hot bod and hot bods all over the world).  This is my design for the We Love Fine Transformers Design Contest!  The contest is now open for rating and I implore anyone reading (and all their friends) to head over and rate some designs!  Including mine.  I’m aiming for “5”s but who am I to tell you how much you like my work? 

You do need to “register” for the site in order to vote, but as long as you click no to receiving updates they will not bother you, I promise! 

I’ll try not to spam this everywhere but I do want to say that I sincerely love the design I made and would really love to see it get the chance to be printed and worn.  Thank you very much!

EDIT: The contest is long over and my design is a winner!  Thank you to everyone who reblogged and voted!  The tee can now be purchased here!

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    come on you guys ! if i can take 20 minutes with my slow internet to register to vote then you guys can take 3 minutes !
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    A vote for my friend is a vote for truth, love and pancakes. Or something
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    Hey guys, if you could vote for my friend and reblog this, that would be great! :D Her shirt is amazing.
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