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The Soundwave Concert Tee I designed finally arrived!

Just as I’d hoped, the reality of how amazing it is to have designed a piece of official Transformers merchandise dawned on me when I saw it in person.  I’m so in love with this article of clothing.

Thank you everyone who voted and reblogged and helped make this real!

Purchase one for your bad self here!
The original post with the artwork is here!

  1. tlegower said: Awesome shirt! And you look great! I should have tried to stop in for coffee when I passed through your town and finally met you. Oh well…c’est la vie.
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    It’s my birthday tomorrow, fuck it, I am buying this for myself. (o(
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    I need this.
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    Buy me this someone omfg
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  12. mistyrydia said: Is that youuuuu?! You’re so pretty!! Congrats on the awesome tee!!
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